Saturday, April 30, 2011

First the Wind, then Taos

Last night I had quite an interesting adventure. It all started when I was walking outside around nine o'clock PM. I felt a wind rush up to greet me.
In the past year, I have learned how to become friends with the winds of the world. Each wind is different in feel and nature (temperment). To become friends with a wind, you must sing your song to them. This does not mean you actually sing, but you could if you wanted to. Your song is the your truth - what lies in your heart. To sing your song, you must open your heart to the wind and let your truth sing forth. opening your heart allows the love to flow forth from your center - you must direct that love to the wind (just a thought of good will like - love you, Mr. wind). Then you must wait for the wind to come to you.
You will know this because it will seem that the wind is encircling you - touching you from one direction and then turning around and reversing direction (hey, winds aren't supposed to do that you might say but hey winds are not supposed to be living beings too - yet in the Shaman's world they can and are).
This wind told me its name and told me a message which I did not realize till later.
Later, I used some energy healing on my partner and suddenly I felt as if something within me was turned on or ignited. I felt full of energy and I was able to focus on sending energy healing long distance and then I was able to focus on seeking a compadre in the spiritual healing world.
I was able to locate him and then he started to give me directions to where he was located. He also said that when I get there he will know it so he will find me. (all this happened on the spiritual plane, mind you, words are not needed but sometimes it feels as if we are talking.)
I could have stayed up all night but at about 4 AM I recieved a sign that it was time for me to stop and sleep.
Then I had a dream in which there were two spiritual people and I had to choose which one to be with. All in all it was an interesting night.

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