Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forcing It - the opposite of Let it be

Spirit like any other entity does not like to be forced. We cannot schedule how the world of spirit descends upon our world. It just happens. Nor can we force through mantras, yoga breaths, or prayers, Spirit to appear. When you are ready the lesson is presented by the Guru.
You would think that I know all these things, I do. You would think that I would not try to force Spirit to come to me, but I did. As long ago as last night.
The temptation after having been visited by Spirit is to think that you are something special - I did. The truth is that we all are something special - so there is no spiritual elite-ness associated with a visit from Spirit. There is only the lesson/message that Spirit gives you.
Last night, I had been hoping to duplicate the visit I had from Spirit the previous night - what I got instead was a different message - Let It Be.
I was hoping for some clarification of my message - what I got was another message - take some time and see what happens then ask for help. So I am Letting it Be - for now.
I am always hoping for more from Spirit but now I am chilling. (for now).

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