Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have Opened myself up to ME

I wake and greet the dawn with open arms. I open my heart and I let myself glow - emitting my light to the universe. I am loving the essence that is me - I am making my heart's desire manifest.
My prayer comes forth from my heart onto the universe - I am thankful to be a part of all the blooming of hearts that I see. There is great things happening now here in earth and I am in the middle of it all because my heart is open and I am accepting of my own essence, of who I truly am.
This is my prayer to God and to the earth and to all my fellow being here in both body and spirit. We are the New Age - we are the one who will lead the way. We will show our good will and cooperation and there will be abundance in all we do. I now declare this the first day of the new religion - a religion without rules except for one - Love all. We strive to open out hearts and to make this day and all days beautiful.

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